Wednesday, May 21

Why do we blog ?.

My own reasons, I may be wrong but I have the right to speak.

Not so serious reasons:-

1) Because we all like to talk and what's better than talking... and listening to the same again and again and making it immortal on some web page.

2) By blogging we want to confirm that we are superior and not so really idiot like every other idiot except me.

3) The HTML exists, the web exists, browsers come by default, internet access is cheap, blogging sites are free, office time is free, mind is also free... and so and on.

some other rare reasons :

1) It's a killer knowledge tool.
2) Generate great thoughts
3) It confirms the thought of like-minded people.
4) There are "very few" good people on this earth who should really speak but media like films, television and now even newspapers are more about " blood, boobs and butts". But heay ! you can meet these people on the net, blogging.
5) It is a harmless, peaceful and most constructive method of expression.
6) It's simple, sexy and cool.