Saturday, August 16

NDTV : Amir Khan and Barkha with Indian Soldiers

Amir Khan belongs to one of the rare and extinct categories of 'intelligent' film personalities in India. He once again proved himself to be the action man, by spending 2 weeks with Indian soldiers at the border. Yesterday on NDTV there was a long programme which showed Amir Khan in person chatting with the indian soldiers and having a nice entertaining time with them. The porgrammes was covered by none other than one of the few intelligent faces on the indian television scress - Ms. Barkha Roy, she is also famous for her 'Kargil coverage'.

Amir is rarely seen in the public events and the stage shows, atleast in my knowledge he rarely participates in a commercial stage shows and other functions. By other functions I mean, performing in private parties, marriages and birthday's.

But he was at his best with the Indian Soldiers and gave entertaining replies to the questions asked by soldiers. He danced and sang along with them. Only Amir was not on the stage, there were also some 'star soldiers' performing on the stage and Amir was delighted to be the one of the audience.

The most moving part was when soldiers cried, when they were shown recorded video messages from home asking them "Ghar Kab Aooge?". (When you will come, home).

Message from Indian Soldiers on religion and hindu-muslim unity.

" In army there is only one religion, i.e to serve the nation" - by an indian soldier"

NDTV, Barkha, Amir... there could have been no other way to celegrate our 56th Independance Day. These unknows soldiers protect our independance, isn't it. Let's say thanks to them.