Tuesday, September 23

India Outsourcing Updates

Boeing Outsources Development to India | Computer Business Review
Aerospace manufacturing giant Boeing Corp is planning to launch a captive outsourcing operation in India

Lawson Software announces layoffs; looks to move jobs to India | Minnesota Public Radio
Lawson Software, one of the biggest employers in downtown St. Paul, has laid off five percent of its workforce. Lawson says the layoffs are mostly the result of business reorganization, as the company shifts to focus on particular areas where software development is most in demand. But there may be layoffs in store. Lawson also says over the next two years it plans to join the growing number of software companies moving jobs to India.

Walt Disney seeks nod for setting up arm | AgencyFAQs!
WALT Disney Company has moved the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) seeking permission to open a wholly-owned subsidiary in India to launch The Disney Channel (TDC) in India

We See India As A Hub For DuPont’s Global Sourcing | Fiancial Express
Pankaj H Shah, regional leader India and Pakistan and President DuPont, South Asia, has his hands full. With an overall responsibility for the company’s operations in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, he is travelling extensively to these countries giving specific attention to new and existing businesses.

U.S. jobs: Next stop, India? | MySanAntonio
When Paul Olivares took a job at USAA's information technology department 14 years ago, he thought he might stay with the company until retirement. Paul Olivares is considering switching professions to pursue his love of music after he had to leave his job in USAA's information technology department. The company has been giving more work to Indian contractors who will work for much less money.But his hope for that faded as the insurance giant began a series of layoffs in 2001 that slashed hundreds of jobs, then imported scores of foreign contractors to work in its information technology subsidiary, ITCO.