Saturday, September 13

Population Advantage ?

Can the enormous population of India be an advantage for us?. Atleast Mr. Sudhir Jalan says so, provided they are educated and trained, he also adds. But it wont be easy and it is almost impossible, because this is the land of Laloo and Mulayam where most of the Indian resides. The other states also don't give us a pretty picture with terrorism, naxalism, political feud, corruption, draughts, famine, floods and all other bad things. India will always remain the country of "Haves and Haves Not" on one side - you will have outsourcing, BPO, Bio Technology and all the lates buzz words, and on the other side, next to these tower or symbol of India's development, somebody will die out of hunger or malnutrition. Relax, it's Democrazy.