Friday, October 3

India Outsourcing Updates

Microsoft to outsource more work from India | Times of India
Microsoft, as part of plan to increase outsourcing from India, is investing $100 million over the next five years. The number of developers working on Microsoft technologies is expected to double during the period.Currently, Microsoft technologies constitute around 20-25 per cent of the total $8-billion offshoring work done from India.

Outsourcing to boost big software firms' topline | Economic Times
"The primary reason for the growth in topline is India's emergence as an attractive destination for outsourcing. Though the global as well as US' IT spending still remains subdued, India has gained more visibility as an outsourcing destination," said the report.

think3 Delivers Design Outsourcing Services and Complete Product Development Solution to Universe Corporation | Market Wire
Universe Corporation has already realized solid productivity improvements through previous projects with think3's professional services group. In one project, think3 developed and implemented a new methodology for Universe Corporation to transition its 2D development process to a 3D parametric design process over three weeks. Another project, executed exclusively by a think3 offshore team in India, reduced Universe Corporation's product development cycle time from 5.5 weeks to 4 weeks.

ITtoolbox Study Reveals Steady Increases in IT Outsourcing Worldwide | Yahoo Biz
When asked about the top strategic reason for outsourcing, 36% of participants cited the lure of cost savings, followed by 15% who voiced a need for special skills and/or services. The survey findings further demonstrated that companies are increasingly outsourcing to foreign countries in order to cut costs and tap into a less expensive labor force. Of the 31% of participants who indicated they presently outsource abroad, a significant 21% are outsourcing IT functions to India.

Offshore outsourcing drives IT service sector | FT
According to preliminary market data from Gartner, the technology research group, the growth rate for the sector will rise to 7 per cent next year from around 6.6 per cent this year and 6.3 per cent last year. This is being driven mainly by the need for companies to trim IT maintenance costs by moving operations offshore to countries such as India.