Monday, December 22

Localizing the Net

Daily Herald: "The Internet is far from being a useful tool globally "
Internet is a great tool used globally, but is it useful as a local tool. How well connected you find yourself locally other than mails. The Internet is mostly english and the content is more available for the developed nations, for developing nations you really need to drill down the internet because any useful information you find is in tits and bits and that also replicated on 1000s of pages. There has to be abundance of 'local' and 'intelligent' information availability which can 'really serve' the locals. Something like Ryze, which again is english speaking but is targetting the right audience, but what if there is RYZE-like thing for rest of the Indians in their local language. We may say why any villager or non-english-speaking would get 'connected', but why won't he get 'connected' if there is somethting 'in it - for him'. Ofourse the localized net doesn't mean 'content and news and blah blah blah', localization means - the ability of the localite to do something useful with the internet.