Saturday, March 27

Open Source Boom : The Rule of 12

Via LinuxWorld : Internet whizz Marc Andreessen at the 3rd annual "Open Source in Government" conference came up with his personal top twelve reasons for why open source will boom over the next 5-10 years.

(1) "The Internet is powered by open source."

(2) "The Internet is the carrier for open source."

(3) "The Internet is also the platform through which open source is developed."

(4) "It's simply going to be more secure than proprietary software."

(5) "Open source benefits from anti-American sentiments."

(6) "Incentives around open source include the respect of one's peers."

(7) "Open source means standing on the shoulders of giants."

(8) "Servers have always been expensive and proprietary, but Linux runs on Intel."

(9) "Embedded devices are making greater use of open source."

(10) "There are an increasing number of companies developing software that aren't software companies."

(11) "Companies are increasingly supporting Linux."

(12) "It's free."