Thursday, June 10

is india ready for wi-fi

R.K.Choudhary writes in Wi-Fi Technology [Wi-Fi Technology in Indian homes, is India ready!] :
Wi-Fi @ Indian home has different Scenario. Unwiring Indian home doesn’t look so simple in compare to Western countries. There are some definite issues considered as far as the Indian home is concerned, like Broadband availability, Low PC penetration, Security, Perceived cost, Low education levels and Vendor indifference. Another major hurdle seems to be civil construction of the Indian home. The average Indian house is made of concrete and in most cases is restricted to one story in comparison to western countries, which are made of wood and stretches up to at least two floors.

But besides the above highlighted darker sides of Wi-Fi @ Indian home, we should not ignore the fact that India is the second most populous country in the world. India is shining, and its middle class is becoming more and more IT savvy. Whereas the Wi-Fi market worldwide is growing at an exponential rate, this rate would not be applicable in the Indian Wi-Fi market. However, after all, there should soon be a notable increase in its Wi-Fi market due to its size.

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