Friday, July 2

What's Happening with Jassi?

Dear friends, comrades and countrymen

Oye! Wats happeennning with the media yaaaaar….

The biggest hype on television this year was sony tv’s “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi”. I thought finally a light hearted serial with no-saas bahu bahu stuff. But never imagined JJKN to be a “over stuffed parantha”

Is Jassi a Jassi or Jassi a Wizard of Oz or Agony Aunty to Armaan , Raaj, Surajmukhi, bebe, Maa, Nandu, Gulmohar team and all those who could not be accommodated or stuffed in the list.

Jassi Ke Baap ko Gussa Kyu Ata Hai? Aur Jassi ki Ma ka chehra hai ya koi screen saver, kambakhat change hi nahi hota.

Is Armaan really a chairman of Gulmohar, the fashion house or Gulmohar , the dhaba.?

In which institute did Armaan do his management from? All the students must get their money back, with no questions asked. IIM people please see, that’s why BJP was after you.

Raaj putter, you are not working in poultry farm, beta for god sakes do some work also, otherwise you would be selling Red Oxide Sariya all your life.

Arundhati which Consulting organizations you are from?. Even income tax department or the bitchiest wife in any serial talk like that?

Nandu , agreed… people with brains don’t have four legs. But if finance guys are like you then I would pray that Mr. Chidambaram doesn’t prepare budget in the under the influence and possession of some sadak-chap “Pari”.

And last but not the least…. Oye Chashmebaddur Mallika –E- Tarannum. Oye tune Khane me kya khati hai, tere mood ke 24x7 saade barah kyu naje rahte hai. Don’t you have your motions properly and regularly? Advice (Free) : Have some kayam churan every day, it will elevate your mood.

Who are this characters from X files, Purab, Arundhati , Surajmukhi . Inka Tatparya kya Hai? What is the reference to context. On which planet they live now ? or decide to retire?

The Moral of the story :

- Have characters not caricatures.

- Some idiot has invented a word called “LOGIC” , use it

- Why don’t we outsource all our serials. Just Dub the foreign serials so that we can have some life.

Santy’s Recommendations :

Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mind of a married man. I can manage only this , sometimes