Friday, October 1 | Community plumbing | Community plumbing: The most effecient, logical and advanced Content Management System has released 4.5.0 release candidate. I have tried various CMS and after trying out Drupal, I am in love with it. Drupal can transform from a simple blogging tool to large community portal since it uses a very simple approach of modules per feature. The other strength is its Taxonomy module used for classification and categorization and now it supports RSS per Taxonomy which is very important for Syndication. uses Drupal which is a great exposure to Drupal. Spreadfirefox uses CivicSpace which is Drupal packaged for Community and Activism. Spreadfirefox is promotion site for Mozilla Firefox , a killer Browser and competition for Internet Explorer.

Drupal can be modified by PHP hackers and even novices easily and can take a completely different shape as seen in Ecademy a very popular social and business networking site.

I am a complete non-programmer but I was still very comfortably able to play around with Drupal on my PC at home and I am soon planning a venture on the net planned on Drupal.

I was waiting for Drupal 4.5 release and now its the time. All the best to the Drupal and me ;-).