Saturday, January 22

From CEO to Entrepreneur reports :

Economic Times reports that India Inc. CEO are getting bitten by the Entrepreneurial Bug and are quitting there high paid jobs to do their own thing. For example, ex-Ranbaxy CEO DS Brar; ex-Britannia CEO Sunil Alagh; ex-SRF CEO Ravi Sinha; ex-Max Healthcare CEO Noni Chawla; ex-Infosys worldwide sales head Phaneesh Murthy, ex-Oberoi Hotels president Ravi Bhoothalingam and so many others who are following the suit.

The reason for this are many :
- Sudden power equation changes inside the company.
- Motivation and challenge of running 'own company'
- Lack of Top Level jobs for a shift
- The 'new factor'
- Money not being the motivation after a certain stage