Tuesday, July 1


  • SCO-IBM Dispute Could Help Solarissays McNealy, the cheif executive. Since, Sun is in good graces with SCO, licensing intellectual property for its Unix-based Solaris software.He added further that "There's no question we're going to go after the AIX base and say Solaris is free and clear, with no legal or intellectual cloud hanging over it."

  • Law School Professor, EBEN MOGLEN General Counsel to FSF (Free Software Foundation) & one of its board of directors writes on SCO vs IBM : SCO's lawsuit won't cripple Linux and issued a FSF Statement on SCO v. IBM, which you can find on the same INQUIRER page

  • SCO feeds the IT industry trolls : Opinion Roasting of clowns article of the INQUIRER points out that It's not helpful that some industry analysts, certain pundits, and a few paid shills are leaping at opportunities to climb on SCO's careening bandwagon and gleefully bash GNU and Linux as well as Open Source software in general.

  • Linux enthusiasts picket SCO & SCO is preparing for the long-haul in its legal battle against IBM and others for allegedly stealing parts of its Unix code.But IBM lawsuit expenses can hurt SCO &

  • Interview: SCO chief Darl McBride