Thursday, June 26


Pakistan has publically acknowledged that their influence exists on the the terroists activities in India. President Bush, the democratically elected president has been casually asking the dictator of Pakistan to resolve the Pakistan-India-Kashmir issue and stop the terrorism. But recently since the Pakistan has contributed and helped US target Al-Qaida and US's millitary effort in Afgahanistan. Though it might be a different issue that this was as pathetic as recent "Gulf War" because Laden is not found Saddam is not found. WAR for US is a big business, it won't be surprise to find out that US had fought these war only for the sake of "rest of the world". Laden and Saddam may be enjoying the life somewhere funded by US, the solution is simple... if somebody becomes uncomfortable to the public eye, say that you are killing him and hide him. Am I talking like a idiot, if you know that how JFK was asassinated and for which cause, you will find that I am just putting forward a very possible thing. Coming back to the issue, Read Editorial : Significant US package for Musharraf ’ s Pakistan- Daily Times, US may repair, upgrade Pak's F-16s - Times of India.

What very pious and ignorant Musharraf is offering: No guarantee on stopping infiltration in India and advice to USA. And our great Indian Prime Minister is planning to send Indian Troops to Iraq, the result as predicted by me : Pat on (pakistan's) back, grant to pakistan, advice to India and small mention for the martyr soldiers somewhere where it would be as good as invisible. Bravo India, bravo...