Saturday, June 21

Film on CHILD LABOUR by children wins UK award.

RABIA a seven year old (future of India according to Congress, BJP and rest of the politicians of India) has a little time to enjoy life beacause the future of India is busy in picking rags at the garbage dumps near Rohini in capital of India where the black present of India lies. Rabia is not just the bread winner but she also has to do all the household chorees and look after her ailing family members; paralysed mother, asthmatic father, sister suffering from a skin disease and contantly ill two brothers. THE FUTURE OF INDIA IS VERY COLOURFUL. RASHTRABHASHA HINDI MEIN : BHARAT KA BHAVISHYA KAAFI RANGIN HAI. In Hindi, since I didn't want to upset our young and energetic Prime Minister. Rabia is captured on film by children, who have had equally difficult lives. It is truly inspiring and touching. These four CREATIVE children guided by few adults and producers as children's organization PLAN INTERNATIONAL. won critical acclaim and the Special achievemt Award at the annual media awards function, organized by the London based ONE WORLD BROADCATING TRUST. set up by BBC and ITV.

INDIAN FILMs & TV people should learn something from this and try to become honest with their profession. Majority (more than 99%) of Indian Films and TV do not depict Indian and Indians of today. Mr. Naseeruddin Shah rightly said once that "say after 20 years if we wanted to show our kids what was India and how were Indians in our (this) time, we will have NOTHING to show". Think About It.