Wednesday, June 18


RED HAT's earning meets expectationsand FORBES points the limitations of LINUX. RED HAT had a 10% increase in the growth in the Enterprise segment compared to previous year. On the other hand the second story of "limitations" points our that LINUX may be overhyped and "not a lot of depth" in some areas. The TCO total cost of ownership is also discovered to be high compared to other OS.The story ends with a note that "So, in the end, this is what we know: Linux is here to stay; it will get better; and sometimes it's cheaper than alternatives, but it's not right for every application. We know the very same about Windows."

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Whatever might be the speculations, LINUX has proved that it is a Killer OS and it will continue to do so with the power of OPEN SOURCE. The good news ofcourse is that LINUS TORVALDS is cocentrating again on LINUX development.Let's also hope that SCO Vs IBM legal battle doesn't hurt LINUX. Opensource will ofcourse win the WAR "openly".