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SRISTI is a non-governmental organisation setup to strengthen the creativity of grassroots inventors, innovators and ecopreneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity and developing eco-friendly solutions to local problems

Honey Bee Network
Honey Bee Network brings together those creative and innovative farmers, artisans, mechanics, fishermen and women and labourers who have solved a problem through their own genius without any outside help whether from state, market, or even NGOs. Such self triggered and developed innovations whether technological or institutional are scouted, supported, sustained and scaled wherever possible with or without value addition, linkage with formal science and technology. Idea is to generate incentives and benefits for the innovators. The innovations could be developed by individuals or groups. These may have been developed in recent past or long past and some times these innovations or creative practices might have become part of traditional knowledge. We thus also look for outstanding examples of traditional knowledge, which help in conserving and utilizing natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Why you should join the Honey Bee network.
- If you feel totally dissatisfied with the current mode of dominant mediocrity all around us
- If you feel that lots of poor people are so poor not because they can not think, but - because their ideas and initiatives do not get space for expansion and fulfillment
- If you think that there are many dreams that you had which you could not fulfill in your - life but would like others to fulfill them sooner rather than later
- If you want to invest in green ideas which involve risk but may help society as well as our lives if successful
- If you want to contribute some of your time ( ranging from one day in a month or a year to one hour a day to may be few weeks a year or more) in service of grassroots innovators by contributing towards a skill and resource bank. This bank will be accessible to knowledge rich but economically poor or disadvantaged farmers, artisans, pastoralist, or urban slum dwellers having ideas or prototype of new product or service or any other inventors.
- If you yourself have some innovative green idea and do not know who to contact for making it grow, generate wealth and make this world greener, fairer and more humane
- If you are a scientist or technologist and can pursue research yourself or guide your students to add value in local knowledge and innovations
- If you are an entrepreneur who wants to scale up some other innovator's innovation
- If you are a policy maker who no more enjoys stifling initiative of others and instead enjoys helping others grow
- If you are a teacher who can persuade your students to take pride in augmenting grassroots innovations and help liberate the colonized minds of the elite

Note: All the content is from I have just provided the information for interesting the user to visit the site. Please visit the sristi site and contribute, it's mind boggling what these people are doing. It's kind of Open Source Innovation on fire, by the people, for the people and of the people.