Wednesday, June 11

What is benefecial for India and Pakistan

Everything from origin to food habbits, culture, language & passion for cricket... is similar between India and Pakistan. Yet it is very unfortunate that these two countries share this very awkward postion of enemity. What we can do is to extend our tieups in culture, economics, intellect and business and get benefitted. Both the countries can forget their past and become a great example for the rest of the world. I am sure the political thought and the thoughts of the citizens are surely very different of this issue. If there would have been a difference... Indian pictures won't be hit in Pakistan even after a ban (with piracy ofcourse) and Indians wouldn't love Pakistani cricketers, writers and singger who come and perform in India very often. Whatever difference between these countries exists, are all born out of politics and due to political mistakes committed in the past and their continuation in the present. The essence, the blood and the soil of these two countries is very much the same. Instead of becoming a combined strong force in the asian region we are instead becoming a bad example and allowing other countries... who are least bothered for both of us ... gain an advantage and become our guide or suporter. Do we need an external support to solve "our" matters.? No, but we surely need a political will to do that. Citizens of these nations have nothing great against each other, but there is nobody to listen. We can vote for leadership but we cannot vote for what we want. WE WANT PEACE - A petition from both the sides. I hope somebody is listening.
Think About It.