Monday, June 9

Let's find WMD baby...

IRAQ: How Bush, Howard and Blair lied about WMD
WMD Again. Bush and Blair Not That Stupid
Whatever, the fact is Mr. Bush is a great president and US has great CIAs, FBIs and so on. It is a very small thing that we have not found Saddam, Laden and WMD. People should appreciate that democracy was re-established there and most important without any civil casualties (atleast it was not on TV). Why are we people against war I can't understand, afterall it's a billions dollars industry for the developed nations. If these nations won't test these little equipments on the lesser important nations how would they show their superiority? and how the soldiers would get the warm up?.

Before spelling WAR and WMD, please SPELL "Life, Humanity, Innocent Civilians, Peace, Soldiers who die for a cause(?) & many more things".
Don't comment if you are not in it, it's not same as watching "Saving Private Ryan" and start verbal farting about it.