Tuesday, June 3

Pak admits influence over militants entering India

The extra hoily, pious and peaceful Pakistan has finally acknowledged "influence" over terrorists who go across its border into India, compared them to desperate Palestinian suicide bombers, but pleaded complete inability to "rub an Alladin’s lamp" and stop cross-border "martyrdom". Read Times Of India Article

I think the world and most importantly the US of A still needs the proof. A terrorits nation will be given more importance and will be told to talk and talk and talk. In the mean time terrorism can continue & continue & continue afterall then who will buy the arms and ammunition from the "developed countries". (China and Korea, also included). Mr. Bush will again pass a funny statement Pakistan has to end terrorism. And since we are all very much faithful on Pakistan, we are very confident to believe that it will do so. Afterall who can defy mighty Mr.Bush. So terrorism is finally going to end, India and Pakistan will make peace by talking. Yahoo... Let's Party.