Monday, June 2

The Suicidal Mind

The one common characteristic of almost all suicides, according to Edwin Shneidman, reagarded as the father of suicide prevention in America, is that they’re caused by pain, a certain kind of psychological pain he calls psychache (sik-ak). “Further-more,” he adds, “this psychahe stems from thwarted or distorted psychological needs.”

The suicide is a very complex and strange phenomenon it is an last stage of ‘clinical depression’. I have used the world ‘clinical depression’ which has certain base for it, because nowadays due to the sedentary or hectic lifestyle nobody is without depression. The ‘clinical depression’ can be very short and impulsive or very chronic one. Sometimes the ‘person’ discusses his problems with his close ones, but as the decision to do the ‘suicide’ nears it becomes very difficult to recognize him/her or sometimes it’s so impulsive that nobody gets a chance to recognize. But the main reason behind the suicide is the unbearable and the highly painful & uncomfortable situation in which the person find himself trapped without anywhere to go. Suicide is not a option which is ‘chosen’ it is an event which ‘happens’. The logical mind can argue that there would have been other options, but the pain at that instant orders that ‘it’ should be executed.

The fact points that there are various familial and genetic reasons which contribute to the risk of suicidal behaviour. That does not mean that all the people with these background commit suicide, it simply points that the chances of committing suicide are more is these cases. They should create a proper support system for themselves and remove all the ‘negative’ from the inside. Prevention is better than cure, any kind of mental depression and any thought of ‘loss of interest in life’ and ‘tendency to commit suicide’ should be clinically treated. The chance of thought becoming a plan or action is very much possible and takes no time in taking the final shape and becoming the event. We treat our bodies and visit doctor for small ailments like cold and aches, but days of boredom, confusion, anger, frustration and depression is simply ignored. The mind is at times is self healing but not auto-flushable, the things accumulate inside the brain as memory and tendencies become habbits and then the fixed quality or attribute of the person. And the pain caused by mind is more unbearable than the pain which is caused by body.

Think About It!