Monday, June 2

Pakistan is agenda for India’s PM or India should be his agenda

Indian prime minister Shri. Lal Bihari Vajpai wants to add a very big feather in his cap, a feather of winning peace talks with Pakistan at any cost. The cost can be loosing sight of problems within the country and ignoring more important To Do’s in the list which are more important for the growth of the nation. The result is running the ‘Delhi-Lahore’ bus which resulted in ‘Kargil War’ last time. The nation has also shamefully forgotten the ‘Kargil’ incident since it was busy in seeing the cricket matches during the kargil. I seriously wonder and pray what would be the result this time. India is a very tolerant nation and recognized as a peace keeper in the region by the entire world. But we are not really campaigning hard for the cause, we are campaigning as if it is just another problem of the nation and Pakistan is just ‘teasing’ us. Terrorism is a serious offence and there has to be serious effort punishment for that by us and by all the so called peaceful nations.

India’s peace is not in the world agenda. If tomorrow the USA decide to extend the Pakistan support by fighting with India, the world and its UNOs will be just the witnesses as they were in very recent ‘Iraq’ war. USA will never do such thing however, because the grand daddy is smart and will enjoy the important status from both the sides but will never make a serious effort if Indian and Pakistan are not ready to recognize the good deeds of USA and declare USA as “Official Peace Keeping Parent.”

Indian politician and even Indian citizens are engaged in full time filthy politics and not in the more important social and economical issues. The boring and routine TV serials are compensated by spiced up ‘Television News Channel’ (There are more new channels than the news itself). And the stars of these channels are politcians who have only and only politics in their agenda, the Vajpais, the Advanis, the Sonias, the Laools, the Rabris, the Thackreys, the Lalitas, and so on.

The disinvestment plan is gathering dust. The disinvestment of Hindustan petroleum and Bharat Petroleum was supposed to fetch the government Rs 10,265 croers and may be even more if executed properly. Similarly Air India and Indian Airlines is out of the disinvestment plans. The VAT is also swinging here and there and there is lack of political willingness to implement it. There are lots of Women Issues, Labour Reforms, Education & Social reforms. But the parliament is more interested in fighting than passing the bills and updating the laws.

The population is plenty that’s why we are not worried by the body counts of our soldiers and citizens. We can feed Pakistan and many others for years to come and we will keep on waiting for them to stop and then talk, till that time they can continue what they are doing.

Think About It!