Monday, June 2

The rising Criminal Tendencies in youth.

In the past people with a “bad” backgrounds used to enter into the criminal world. There used to be a certain reason behind the decision to go for crime. The crime used to be for some reason either social, economical or mental. But today the youth with pretty well family background, social and economical status and highly educated background is entering the crime scene. Crime is becoming fashionable . One of the example recently is Gurprit Singh (Miki) who executed Aijaj Lakdawala last week in Bangkok. Miki hailed from a good family background and was a graduate from college in Andheri, Mumbai. The worst example exists and they are more dangerous are harmful as in “Terrorism”. In the recent serial bombing incidents in Mumbai the involvement of qualified graduate and post graduate qualified youth in more alarming. The “Lashkar” aria commander Abu Sultan was a masters in computer science.. Dr. Matin involved in Ghatkopar bombing incident is MD in forensic medicine. Atif Mullah involved in involved in Mulund bombing incident is a holder of MBA degree.

The inclusion of these so called mature, sophisticated and educated criminals in making the crime and terrorism even more complex. These people use the latest in the technology, & are easily deceptive because of good social background and very smart in defending themselves compared to easily recognizable criminals who act, walk and talk like criminals. The reason for their criminal inclination is unknown, somehow crime is becoming fashionable and addictive (hard to resist) like drugs. The latest fad among the upper circle youth in the country’s capital Delhi is to steal the new cars, tear them apart and sell off their parts just for that extra heavy pocket money. Somewhere the social structure is breaking apart, the schools, the colleges, the society, the friends and the family is not acting as qualified support system. The individualism is becoming more important and an individual is deciding for himself what is “Right/Wrong” for himself and living by his own rule book. For some people even this reason is not applicable, they become what they want to, there is no reason, why? May be everybody is loosing the “respect and fear” factor related to the Law & Order. Only the good ones fear and respect the law, because they know that they will end in the long trap. The bad ones, who have decided to go wrong have nothing to fear since they know that by the time they will get punishment, they would have already had the party.

Think About It!