Wednesday, June 4

US trying to find a reason for war, after the war

Little bit confusing isn’t it. So what US soldiers were lying idle, they wanted some exercise can’t they kill few people here & there? Is it a great problem that USA is unable to find the weapons of mass destruction (WMD)? The conspiracy theorists now say that the deposed ruler Saddam Hussein had “dual use” facilities. US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Iraq had dual facilities “capable of instant delivery of such weapons of mass destruction while normally producing products for peaceful uses.” On the other hand < a href="">Senator Joseph Biden, a high ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee said “such weapons may have existed but the Bush administration hyped the claims.”

Please (also) note:
No Iraqi citizens was killed in the Iraq war. Even if some were killed then the body count is shamefully negligible to admit.
Only the buildings which were vacant were bombarded.
The reason behind the vacant buildings are quite obvious.
(a) Iraqis were dancing over the news of defeated Saddam
(b) Or giving interviews to western media about how friendly the US soldiers are and how they are thankful to Bush for restoring peace & democracy.
(c) Rest of the Iraqis were busy raiding the shops and the banks during happy hours and were having the complete entertainment and fun by enjoying the loot.