Monday, June 9

Challenging Linux ???

Utah firm's suit against IBM could deal a blow to operating system
SCO Group, a small company in Utah that owns rights to Unix. SCO has licensed its Unix to IBM and many other firms. Now SCO is suing IBM, claiming IBM's been taking SCO's intellectual property and plugging it into Linux -- a sort of binary plagiarism
A shocking thing to learn when you have already been in so much love of the cute TUX. But I think people should find the way out of this. If this is true then it is yet other adulteration of the "big corporate"... their strategy of ruining the good things and if it's not true, then the penguin is raring to go ahead. But can we take precaution against these kind of things?, no we can't. This world has come close but soemtime we may miss our own skin. These things will continue to bother for ever, till the spirit of the people is not open.