Friday, June 6

CAS- unConditional Access Sytem ???

The country which must be dealing with the friendly(?) neighbors, education, basic healthcare & many more things, is actually dealing with the debate over CAS - Conditional Access Systems. The priorities are strange and unknown but the implementation is immediate. What customer is gaining is choice & freedom (which is not actually available). The customer will end up paying more and is the direct bearer of its implementation since the set top box is at customer's expense. You cannot switch to another cable operator with the same box, you cannot decide what will be FTA - Free To Air for you since it will depend on the geography. So if you are south indian residing in UP, the southern free channels may not be there for you. The prices of individual channels are not yet declared since they are available in buckets only. The broadcaster are themselves confused to declare firmly that they will go for "paid" one since they are very much doubtful over the advertising revenue they are going to miss in the initial period & other teething problems to be faced. But the Indian Goverment has declared a holistic date "14th of July" for the metro implementation.

Think About it.