Monday, June 9

Oliver Stone = Controversial Cinema = Uncomfortable Truth

Oliver Stone is the father of cult "controversial cinema", anybody would introduce Stone like this only. Yesterday I was watching "Born on 4th Of July" on HBO, and I confirmed my belief again. Stone makes very gripping, fast, honest, blunt and "Slap on your face" kind of movies. He is the director who streches not only his stories, but dialogues, characters and situation to the maximum limit. He is voracious and mercy less story teller. Remember... in JFK the single shot of "JFK hit by bullet" was shown hundred times and each time with more pain and cinematic brilliance. He rips apart whatever is good or bad inside a person he doesn't differetiate between people as good or bad, in his movies most of the time character changes with situation, and that's the beauty of it. He makes a honest cinema which is highly uncomfortable for us to see, because truth cannot be comfortable. His characters are always seeking the truth for themselves and the world they are living in.. be it Charlie Sheen in "Wall Street", Val Kilmer in "The Doors", Cruise in "Born on 4th of July" or Kevin Costner in "JFK". Simply said he makes "Uncomfortable Cinema" as in Truth and Life.