Tuesday, June 10

Friendly(?) Neighbor Pakistan's accusition.

Our friendly(?) neighbor PAKISTAN asks us (India) to - Resume unconditional talks and accuses India for the delay in commencement of peace talks between the two countries.
Claiming that the Pakistani leadership has been "very constructive, forward looking and positive in their approach towards resumption of dialogue", he said, "unfortunately, we haven't seen the same sort of tone from Indian leadership".

What these guys are upto only they know. Just yesterday it was again voiced by Mr. George Fernandes, the Defence Minister that, Pakistan has not yet stopped it's terrorits activities and sending of trained terrorists in India. I think for Pakistan
Construction= Terrorist Training,
Forward looking = updating the innocent Indian's body count, and
Dialogue = Continuing bloodshed.

Pakistan should consider introducing "construction" in their own country and start thinking about the development work in their country. I hope pakistani people must be also tired of this Kashmir Issue and fundamentalism. What they must be also wanting is Peace, Education, Jobs and Happiness. Pakistan by fuelling terrorism in India will find itself nowhere, personal growth and fertility of their own soild must be more important to them than winning Kashmir, a heaven which they have turned into hell.