Wednesday, June 11

The option for Kashmir

["It is said that the purpose of repeated extensions of one-sided ceasefire by India is that after the Jehad is stopped, Vajpai is considering the possibility to open talks with Pakistan. Talking is of course better than fighting. But has any Indian leader courage to face the truth? This is an age of democracy. Will any Indian leader be ready to allow Kashmiris to decide their fate by their own free will? Every Indian leader is afraid of the result of such a free plebiscite. They all know it well that, in such a case, Kashmir will no more remain a part of India. Due to this fear, India, like Israel, is not ready to implement UN Resolutions on Kashmir." ] Read More
By Jehadi - Hussain Khan M.A. (Tokyo)

My derivation from the above article
- Pakistan will form a better goverment than India and it will be a better democracy(???)
- Kashmiris won't mind getting called - "Muhajirs"="Refugees".
- In india Muslims are third grade citizens like Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, President Abdul Kalam, etc. etc.
- There are many muslims in UP, MP and Bihar so they should also ask for seperate state or country like kashmir, since he points that it was basis of India-Pakistan partition.
- Pakistan is such a great wonderful nation that "all" the kashmiris are dying to be under there rule or parentship.
- If Kashmir becomes a seperate nation the most supportive partner will be Pakistan.
- If politician don't listen what Jehadi's can do. The only option they have is to kill the innocent people. But Jehad is more important.

With due respect to Mr. Hussein, since he has more authority on this subject I can say something is surely wrong from both the sides. But we don't need a "slogan to inspire killing" we need solution. And that solution is surely not from Pakistan. Period.