Wednesday, June 11

India has "gambled for peace" : Holy Bush

Declaring that Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has "gambled for peace", US President George W Bush has conveyed to Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani that the American Government is "conscious" that no progress in Indo-Pak talks is possible unless Pakistan ends cross-border terrorism.

What are you trying to tell Mr. Bush? If these are your words, then are you identifying that Pakistan is really involved in terrorism?. If yes then, are you not going to take the avatar of a "Saviour" and save India and Indian's from them?. You had a slight notion of WMD and you took out your old grudge against Iraq. What is more dangerous and lethal according to you "Iraq- Which might have attacked with WMD" or "Pakistan- Which is already attacking indian peace". Please find the definition of your kind of "Destruction".