Wednesday, June 11

Indian seeking America's recognization over Pakistan matter.Best of luck to everybody

After all whatever we do whaterver we want requires Uncles Sams approval, then only it can be "recognized". Superpower's presence in anything is required, if they are not interested nothing can happen. Mr. Bush fantasized "WMD" and Iraq is invaded. Pakistan fuels terrorism, but for that Mr. Bush will do a friendly chat with them and try to convince them. Mr. Bihari and Mr. Advani we are loosing some very precious people out here, our soldiers and our civilians. Think about it, or get convinced(?) by this...

US to push Pak on India talks: Bush
US beginning to acknowledge India as a major power: Advani
bargains troops for Iraq with pressure on Pak

After Mideast, road map for Kashmir?
Pentagon eyes India for forming its base in Asia

Where there is a will there is a way, but the world doesn't have the will to solve India's problem. For that matter, even Indian Leadership doesn't have any will to solve this matter. To get a good bargain for next election and to create a repute they are eyeing for this "talks" matter. Because, "Garibi Hatao", "Edducation for all, Health for all" slogans are very old and Indian's have realized that Indian politicians are never go to fullfill this false promise. So new slogan needs new focus, foucs which was required from long time and should have seen some result by now. But who cares?.

And hey joke of the day...
China to talk Kashmir peace with Pak

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