Wednesday, June 11

Why am I blogging all this

From now onwards I am stepping down from being a critic. I am planning to write only inspirational and wonderful things in the life and little bit of my pessimistic poems. Cos' I have remembered Del Carnegie - "Nobody wins an arguement". I think I should stop my itch of being a new kid on the blog and concentrate on beautiful things in the life and not get deviated by the botherations. So Mr. Bush, Mr. Musharraf and Mr. Vajpayee Ji I am taking a leave from you (oops I did it again). What I am trying to say that instead of saying "war" i would say "peace". I want peace of myself also, but this world and google news and the morning paper and the latest news channels keep me bothering. I want an escape. Why there is no button on us humans called "Esc?", which we would have liked to press again and again to come out of filthy politics and their wars. (oops I did it again).

Am I Blogging or am I getting crazy.

Think About It (This is for myself)