Monday, June 16

The Girl Power- South Asian Women

I just visited the South Asian Woman Network (SAWNET)'s who's who among the south asian woman web site. Powerful women figures from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc all are listed over here, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, Gurinder Chaddha & any women icon you can think of. The list is also sorted by profession like politics, science, activism & so on. There is one more similar site Kalpana Chawla In Space . is still growing, but the main highlight section which is fully functional is the "News" section of, where the site contains all the latest stories related to Kalpana Chawla (i.e in her memories), Indian - IT, Space, Science, Technology. Let us hope that more and more site like the SAWNET and come up to the strengthen the "community" feeling of the internet. Please have a look and if you are coming across any such site, please do not forget to drop a mail at I will be happy and obliged.