Saturday, June 21

Upset with USA

Thomas L Friedman offered "brief theory of everything" about why so many people are upset with America. His thesis : America has begun to touch other people's lives more than their own goverments do and therefore people all over the world want to be able to vote on American power. He invited readers to to email their opinions and recieved over 8,000 e-mail messages. According to him two themes stood out : (1) People are now interested in foreign policy in the wake of 9/11 & Iraq and (2) People are worried about how alienated America is becoming from the world, blaming Bush and the world and feeling that something important is being lost.
The summary of the messages which he recieved:

  • USA has been the beacon of hope past half a century to the disfranchised, thw wounded, the the refugees" ( we have now lost the hope now)

  • USA now was a Fair Arbiter of the World, The world doesn't wan't to see USA morph into just another imperial power
  • Many of us in the world are frightened by the unproposed power of an Administration that has total disregard for those who disagree with it and threatens the future of this world with its indifference to anything outside it's own plans...

  • READ MY LIPS : For better or for worse the world is a buch of petulant teenagers that now think of us (the US) as the parent. They want our protection, our comfort (ourfinancial suport). They want us out of their rooms while keeping them tidy, freedom to mock us but come to us hwn they have problems... Most of all, they want no resposibility for their own behaviour. We should understand them.'Bout cover it? Only answer is for kids to grow up, realise parents don't have all the answers and are, at best, imperfect being themselves."

  • World are your listening?, India are you listening?, Mr. vajpayee are your listening?. Think About It.