Tuesday, June 24


  • Wired reports that experts at a United Nations-sponsored event touted the need for low cost open source Linux to help stimulate the economies of developing nations, i.e " Developing World Needs LINUX"
    "These (Developing) countries need cheap and efficient technology to make the giant leaps necessary to catch up with the rest of the world," said Bruno Lanvin from the World Bank. "Many are now using Linux, which looks to become the No. 1 operating system in China and India soon."

  • Business Week columnist Alex Salkever dropped the bomb last week that next year, "Linux should pass Apple in market share for desktop operating systems on computers." Read Flipping the Switch : Linux's new popularity may hurt Apple more than Microsoft.By Paul Boutin on Slate

  • And why should Linus Torvalds, the founder and lead developer of the Linux open-source operating system, should stop himself by putting some strong views about the legal dispute between The SCO Group and IBM, He shares his views with eWEEK Senior Editor Peter Galli in an e-mail exchange last week.