Wednesday, June 25


  • Intellectual-property expert Richard Wilder says the liability issues raised by SCO's Linux lawsuit will force distributors and developers to rethink assumptions about open-source software, IP rights and customer protection.>Read Open Source Time of Truth

  • In an aggressive move that could have a profound effect on open-source software and the Unix arena, The SCO Group—which owns rights to Unix—has issued a warning that Linux is an unauthorized derivative of Unix. The company also says that users of Linux may face legal liability. Read More

  • The above stance of SCO drew the wrath of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), as shown in a paper online at OSI's argument is that the lineage of Unix variants extends in directions beyond what SCO owns the rights to. The paper contends: "We wrote our Unix and Linux code as a gift and an expression of art. We did not write it to have it appropriated by men so dishonorable that after making a profit from our gift for eight years they could insult our competence."

  • UK Govt warned Dont Buy GPL

  • SCO says : It has revoved IBM's licence for UNIX.
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