Wednesday, June 25



Since British troops are getting killed in Iraq our Indian government is planning that India should also join them. Indian soldiers should also get killed for the cause. It is a very little surprise that just before the war House had resolved against the war, the same is pointed out by the opposition party "Troops to Iraq to violate House resolution: Opp". VP Singh and Gujral whos political career only allows them to pass comments are also against sending the troops to Iraq. And what's the bargain?- India could seek berth in G8 for sending troops to Iraq. Ofcourse, the quickgun BJP is taking the mileage out of it by yelling the slogan "Strong India". The conclusion...the blood of Indian soldiers is cheap, they died in Kargil, they are dying on LOC and now they will die in Iraq. What's the difference, if we were against the WAR initially... can't we do this small thing for President Bush.