Thursday, July 3

MUNIR KOTADIA :Microsoft open-source NT: Linux's nemesis?

Munir Kotadia on suggests a very strange solution - "Microsoft has killed off Windows NT, but it should now release its source code to the open-source community in order to fight off the challenge from Linux " According to him -
    " However much the software giant would like us to forget that NT ever existed -- and push everyone into a Windows Server 2003 upgrade -- there are thousands of developers out there who would love to have the opportunity to turn the ageing OS into a masterpiece. So why not let them have a go by releasing NT 4.0's source code into the open-source community? He further adds that "The developer community regularly moans about the inefficiencies of 'Micro$oft bloatware' and Microsoft has no love for the open-source community. But for the first time, Windows -- albeit a very old version -- would receive some constructive feedback as the code is scrutinised by people that have not been assimilated into the Redmond collective."

That's what I call a really sentimental writing, Opensource is doubt, but Bill Gates is not a fool to committ this suicide/harakari. If he does god save his soul. And I know many people are eager to fathom Windows Codes but not for making a contribution towards it. If the same time is 'saved' and 'invested' in opensource software it would be a much greater thing to do. Microsoft is in IT Business and had to deliver things 'at the speed of thought' so had to committ mistakes for competition, monopoly , dominance, time to deliver and etc. But when Opensource has already proved to be a serious tool, why do we need to dig the past for a 'so called great learning experience'.