Friday, August 22

Drink Pesticides Have Fun, Die Early

Indian government declares Pepsi and Coke are safe to drink by domestic standards(?).On the other hand, DDT, lead, zinc become part of vegetable soup recipe as discovered by the All India Coordinated Research Project on Pesticides (AICRP). So you must not worry over pesticides in Soft Drinks, you are also having your daily dose through...
Drinking Water
Milks and so on...

Relax, Shiv Sena and BJP and all other Swadeshis are not going to act on this, 'cos these things are 100% made in India. In india once the problems becomes universal it becomes a part of commonly accepted standards. So by our domestic standards.... "drink pesticides have fun, die early". - Indian Democrazy Rocks!. Long Live Indian Politics and Public Awareness.