Saturday, September 13

Choice or Confusion : To CAS or to DTH

We are already worried and confused over CAS, CAS is sure a good system, but Indian goverment is forcing the system where no system exists, without any roadmap, afterthought and why should indian consumer shell out some extra thousands for getting the same just on the name of choice. Is indian programming or indian television channels really offer me any choice?. Is it so important to decide on a system & streamlining of entertainment sector instead of focussing on infratructure, health, education and other most basic issues. The goverment which cannot handle contamination in drinking water, cannot handle the education system.. does it have any rights to implement CAS?. Aspiring students of medical in Mumbai are worrying over their future because of decision on medical college fees. They dont have choice of career, but have choice of CAS. Relax, its Democrazy. Too add to the blues now we can have DTH... so keep banging your head, what would you like to have CAS/DTH? ...
ZEE to Launch DTH | Business Line