Friday, September 26

India : Knowledge Power

Again this is talking about private investment in knowledge sectore & technology. What incentive does government offer?. If red tape is cut and speed is introduced in our system we can have thousands of IITs and IIMs. The countries lead by research. CSIR has just realized the importance of patenting the technologies. Dr. Mashelkar may bring some energy in to that, best luck.
    India to emerge as knowledge power: Dr Mashelkar
    Nearly 80 per cent of India's spend on science and technology is still done by the government, with private industry participation at barely 20 per cent.

    The Indian government spends 1.1 per cent of its gross domestic product on research and development in science and technology.

    This figure has gone up compared to 1995-97 when the government's spend on R&D was just about 0.71 per cent. Most developed countries spend about 3 per cent of their GDP on R&D in science and technology.

    Yet Dr R A Mashelkar, director general of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, the largest chain of industrial research and development institutions in the world, with 38 laboratories and about 22,000 employees, believes that India is poised to become the largest 'knowledge producer' in the world........