Friday, September 26

The rise of Call Centers

Although the happenings in the call centre arena are inspiring and towards our side and we are lreading the race, it should be realized that in future if we want to maintain such dominance we need to gear up for good infrastructure support, talent discovery and retaining the same and most importantly incentive to invest in India. English speaking talent can only take us here and that will not be a big advantage in future, all the state CMs are you listening?

    India, Philippines, China to enjoy sharp rise in call centres
    Manila: India, Philippines and China are expected to enjoy a sharp rise in the number of call centre stations next year, the head of a Sydney-based industry think-tank said.

    Martin Conboy, Chief Officer of said that this was the result of a survey of 824 organizations throughout the region representing call centres in India, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand........