Friday, October 3

Blame it on Gandhi

Yesterday on 2nd October India celebrated Gandhi Jayanti. Earlier when I was in school it used to be the time too see movie "Gandhi" on television. I think this movie is the only movie where India is shown so strong. Gandhi ji is just a brand name today, congress has ruled this country more than 40 years by cashing on names like him and Nehru, then Indira and then Rajiv. Now their image is no more than anti-BJP and BJP, even though has a image of Hinduism and some say fundamentalism, according to me it has no image whatsover. It has the only image of a 'struggler', it is just struggling to be in power in the name of anything. They are so busy in holding their seats that any ideology cannnot stay with them. They are trying to please to many lords.

Speaking of brand name Gandhi, there are two people in india who according to their holistic knowledge either love gandhi or hate gandhi. I am one of the rare categories, who is complete neutral. I like people and I respect them but I treat nobody like god and never hate anybody like devil. Today it has become very fashionable to blame gandhiji for each and everything in India to relationship with Pakistan. Whatever may be the actual thing, I am having no knowledge of history but I know that there were few leaders in this country who didn't construct or hold any thing for themselves and among those one was Gandhi ji. But may be his ideologies might have not been applicable everywhere but we cannot blame him for that. That time was different, that battle ground was different and it's very easy to pass comments in the comfort of our democracy where nobody cares.

I praise gandhi ji for....

*Showing the path of Satyagraha
*Preaching Non-Violence
*Quit India Movement
*Boycott of foreign goods at those times
*Preaching Truth

Instead of blaming and digging the past if we would have concentrated on rural development which was hihgly stressed upon by gandhiji, half of India's problem would have been solved by now. So my request to everybody is that however fashionable you may find critisizing and blaming gandhiji, yeh public hai .. yeh sab janti hai.

I only blame gandhi ji for one thing "KHADI", the ultimate formal wear of political devils.