Monday, January 5

Outsourcing and US elections

Outsourcing draws attention in US Presidential race: "Outsourcing draws attention in US Presidential race"

One such campaign directed at President George W. Bush, the Democratic front-runner and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and other Democratic presidential candidates say the trend of outsourcing of jobs posed a ''direct threat to the American worker's standard of living; a short-sighted strategy with potentially dire long-term economic repercussions. From an American security standpoint ''it is an outrageously risky and irresponsible practice,'' the signature campaign said.

At least nine bills are pending in the US Congress seeking to bar foreign workers from government contracts. Legislation is also pending in at least four states-- Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina and New Jersey-- to restrict government IT contracts to US citizens or legal immigrants. More states are expected to legislate on the issue this year.
- Manorama Online