Wednesday, March 10

Demand for OSP - Other Service Provider

[ Via : FinancialExpress ] Reliance Industries, Tata Technologies, Hinduja TMT and Del International of Bangalore are among the 41 companies who have approached the department of telecommunications (DoT) for getting the other service provider (OSP) licences. OSP licensee can tele-banking, tele-medicine, tele-education, tele-trading, E-commerce, etc. As per DoT guidelines, OSPs would be allowed to operate the infrastructure provided by various access providers without paying any licence fees. However, they are strictly barred stepping into the operation area of other access providers. They are also strictly banned from providing any switched telephony

Link: A DoT India site : Telecom Acts and Legislations in India, Network Status, Telecom Policy, Investment Policy, FDI Policy, Opportunities in BPO Sector, List of OSP (International Call Centers, Domestic Call Centers,Network Operation Center, Tele-education, Vehicle Tracking System, Long Range Alarm Systems, Bill Payment Terminal), WPC / SACFA, Exhibitions, Brochure - Indian Telecommunications, etc.