Wednesday, March 3

US trade groups to battle BPO backlash

Via CentralChronicle : The various trade groups in US believe that outsourcing to countries like India and China is the only way to save jobs in America against international competition.Around two hundred such groups have formed a coalition - 'Coali- tion for American Growth and American Jobs' - to beat back Federal legislation that would restrict foreign outsourcing by govern- ment contractors and limit visas for non-American workers with technology skills.

"It is hard to get the message out there when unemployment was not coming down as quickly as we would like and politicians are using it as an election-year issue," said Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America, an Arlington, Virginia, trade group representing 500 technology concerns.

ITAA President Harris N. Miller

Read Harris Miller's viewpoint The Global Realities of IT


On the other handAmerican jobs coalition.orgis working on ...

  • Initiate a State level push for the
    American Worker Protection
    bill. (Already begun in GA, CO, FL, and OH)

  •  Support Rep. Tom Tancredo's
    HR 2688
    with elimination of
    H-1B work visas. Total Reform of the Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) program.

  • L-1 visas should be capped, should have layoff protection for American
    workers, and should be used only for Executive positions.

  • The Department of Labor should investigate H-1B abuse, fraud and mismanagement.