Wednesday, February 25

India Hating

India is shining locally but it is being hated in the US.....

‘‘Politicians can’t outsource the vote,’’ said Scott Kirwin, founder of Delaware-based lobbying group Information Technology Professionals Association of America (ITPAA), which compiles data from nearly 100 anti-outsourcing web sites. Kirwin, who launched ITPAA after a large investment bank asked him to train the Indian worker who then replaced him, said only broad consumer revolt will reverse the trend. ‘‘In the 1980s, many people boycotted companies that did business with the apartheid regime in South Africa,’’ he said. ‘‘Many of those same people have more money today and don’t like doing business with companies from countries that work against US politically, like France, or economically, like India and China. Consumer activism is an important part of putting the brakes on the outsourcing movement.’’ - Backlash brews as executives keep shifting jobs to developing countries

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Even though this site has anti-india anti-outsourcing sentiments I love it. May be because of this...


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