Friday, January 30

Outsourcing sentiments

[ Through : Anand] A article - The New Face of the Silicon AgeHow India became the capital of the computing revolution and discussion -A Thoughtful Look at Indian Outsourcing and last and the least, my explaination over heated sentiments on slashdot.


* "Why continue to argue about it, just don't do business with companies that outsource to India. " *

* There is virtually nothing anyone can do about outsourcing - and the fast developing intellectual capital resources of the rest of the world - that will insulate American workers, with the exception of regressive protectionism (which will result in an even worse situation). *

* In fact, *anyone* who's occupation does not *require* face-to-face contact
is at risk of displacement, long-term.

The next big 'thing' will be social entrepreneurial plays that bring social
and fiscal efficiencies into mature capitalism, on a large scale. Also,
people will learn - in general, and long-term - to be happy with somewhat
more limited material horizons (and probably enjoy life more). This is as
plain as day, and already in the cards.

Politicians will not/cannot do anything to abate the outsourcing trend. Why?
Because capital is "on the wire", and doesn't know national boundaries any
longer. Corporations answer only to fiscal mandates, created by law. Game over!

So, say "ta-ta" to the gravy train; let's learn to optimize our intellectual and social capital, learn to cooperate (intra- and inter-nationally), and become creatively and commercially fierce (like the rest of the world). *

* In any case us western countries have had the lion's share of the distribution of wealth for far too long at the expense of poorer nations. I don't think we have the right to complain if an Indian coder takes our job. *

* India has some of the highest import tarrifs in the world, local content laws, and property ownership laws. *

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