Tuesday, January 27

Kill (Bill) Outsourcing

Even though The Wall Street feels that the outsourcing is a good business:

["In the 1980s, many people boycotted companies that did business with the apartheid regime in South Africa," Kirwin said. "Many of those same people have more money on Tuesday and don't like doing business with companies from countries that work against US politically, like France, or economically, like India and China. Consumer activism is an important part of putting the brakes on the outsourcing movement." ]

On the other hand, US introduces a bill to ban outsourcing. Would it be the same, if votes were outsourced?. Could this be indo-american cold war.

The World Economic Forum in Davos , Switzerland , has revealed that the export of Information Technology and other hi-tech jobs to India , China and Brazil and manufacturing jobs to countries like Mexico is shaking faith in globalisation even among its most fervent advocates.

However there can be a bright side to this :
[ there could be an upside to this imbroglio; leading Indian IT companies, most of which are sitting on huge cash piles, will now be forced to be far more aggressive in acquiring US and European IT companies. "We must continue to move up the value chain and evolve such solutions and services which are good and cost-effective, and Indian IT companies must diversify to other markets," said IT minister Arun Shourie. Experts agree that Shourie's advice is the only suitable long-term solution to combat this phenomenon. "Now they have to aggressively become truly global players instead of thinking in terms of exports from India," said Vaibhav Parikh, a BPO and intellectual property expert.]

Last but not the least, International Herald Tribune Reports that, not only jobs but even executives are heading for india