Thursday, January 22

Protesting against the Myth

A new report by Zelos Group attempts to debunk what it says are "myths"about offshoring call centers.

""The report Business Process Outsourcing: Focus on India that compares cost between onshore and offshore outsourcing, says, contrary to belief that outsourcing is only for large firms, that a global sourcing strategy can be effective for companies with sales of less than $200 million.

Answering concerns about agent quality Zelos found Indian call center agents possess the same (if not higher) quality as American call center agents. Indian call center employees all possess quality, college-level educations and were highly motivated to excel at their jobs.

Also top level bureaus offer effective accent-neutralization classes. In many cases, an accent is not detectable.

The Zelos paper asserts that call centers and other outsourcing operations moving to India will help the country become more stable.""" More on CommWeb...

US is witnessing reduction in jobs but well known economists have different say on that but anti-outsourcing and anti-india sentiments are so sharp that (again) you can see protest against Nasscom. Even if someone says it is a myth.