Tuesday, January 13

Internet Security Threat : Fake / Fraud Email : Posing from Citibank

I have recieved a fake email posing as Citibanks. Please do not follow the direction and do anything or respond or reply. Now anybody would say with so many spelling mistakes anybody can say it is fake. But I know there will be so many curious ones who will click the link to see where it takes them or reply with some kick *ss reply. But kindly do not do anything besides deleting it or reporting it to citibank.

I have removed the link from the message
It begins with http://www.Citibank.com?.... but it is link to a script which takes you to the script on Russian site.

Dear OnlineCitibank Clients,

This message was sennt by the CitibankOnline sevrer to veerify your email
adress. You must cptmeole this psecors by clicking on the link
below and enttering in the litle window your Citi Debit
full Card Nummber and PIN that you use on Atm.
This is done for your pcertotion -e- becaurse some of our memmbers no
lgoenr have accses to their email addsesers and we must verify it.

To veerify your e-mail addres and access your bank account, clik on
the link bellow. If nothing hapenps when you click on the link -V copye
and pastte the link into the addres bar of your web browesr.

It begins with http://www.Citibank?.... but it is link to a script which takes you to the script on Russian site.

Thank you for using CitibankOnline!

This automaitc email sent to:
Do not reply to this email.